Belly Binding


Bengkung Belly Binding is the long-standing Malaysian art of binding a postpartum person’s abdomen with a long cloth from hips to waist, in order to promote healing after birth. Belly Binding has many benefits, some of which may include improving the separation of the abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti, providing support for the organs as they return to their pre-pregnancy location, reduction of swelling, tightening loose skin, improving poor posture often associated with feeding an infant, and more.

With Bravo Birth DFW, your in-home binding session begins with an herbal warming salve applied to the mid-section, which increases blood flow and promotes healing in the area. Next, we expertly bind your abdomen with care, as we take time to teach you to bind yourself. The salve and belly bind are yours to keep so you may continue to wrap yourself for the appropriate amount of time.

Belly binding can be done as early as 3 days after a vaginal birth and 6 weeks post cesarean birth. The belly bind is to be worn for 40 days. You will start by wearing your bind for 10-12 hours a day and gradually decrease the amount of time it’s worn over the 40 day period, in order to rebuild your core muscle strength.

The cost of a Bengkung Belly Binding session is $175. When combined with Placenta Encapsulation or Birth Doula Services, the cost of Belly Binding is $125.

Bengkung Belly Bind on a mother, 5 days post birth.