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Kinesiology taping is natural, drug-free way to promote healing in the body and relieve pain and discomfort often associated with pregnancy and postpartum. Unlike other types of tape that compress the surface of the skin, kinesiotape works by gently lifting the skin to increase blood flow, relieve pressure on pain receptors, and allow for drainage of excess lymphatic fluid. Bravo Birth DFW uses hypoallergenic, latex free, water resistant, cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive for a safe and comfortable taping experience.

There are many ways in which kinesiotaping can be beneficial to expectant and new parents. In pregnancy, kinesiotaping can be used to support the abdominal muscles, alleviate pain in the lower back, improve symptoms of carpal tunnel, reduce swelling in the ankles and feet, and more. During the postpartum period, it can be used to improve separation of the abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti, and improve discomfort in the upper back due to feeding posture and the added strain of carrying an infant. Kinesiotape can generally be applied anywhere pain, strain, or swelling occurs; however, some cases may require approval from a health care provider.

The cost of the initial kinesiotaping session is $30 and includes travel to your home, consultation regarding your taping needs, application of the tape, and care and removal instructions. Retaping sessions average $15-20. The tape typically lasts 5-7 days.

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