Placenta Encapsulation


The postpartum period can often be a challenging time as your body recovers from pregnancy and birth and you adjust to life with a new baby. At Bravo Birth DFW, we want to ensure you are set up for the best possible postpartum experience. Placenta Encapsulation has been a highly regarded postpartum practice among birthing people for centuries. The process involves washing, steaming, and dehydrating the placenta at a high level of heat for an extended period of time. The dehydrated pieces are then ground into a fine powder and put into capsules for consumption.

Some of the reported benefits may include stabilized hormones post birth, shorter recovery time, increased breast milk supply, replenished iron from blood loss during birth, replenished B vitamins, increased energy, and higher levels of oxytocin. With the exception of a few health concerns, encapsulation is generally possible after both vaginal and cesarean births.

Safety Standards
Our clients’ health and safety is of maximum importance at Bravo Birth DFW. We adhere only to the highest professional standards of practice for blood borne pathogen and food safety, as outlined by OSHA. With our clients’ health in mind, we conveniently offer encapsulation right in your own home. This ensures your placenta never has to leave your possession, there is no risk of mixing up placentas and receiving the wrong capsules, you are able to oversee the entire encapsulation process, and the placenta is not exposed to any pathogens you wouldn’t already encounter in your own home.

The cost of placenta encapsulation is $250. This includes travel to the client’s home within 50 miles of 76104 zip code, encapsulation of the placenta, and an optional umbilical cord keepsake. There is no additional fee to process twin placentas. Flavored capsules are available at no additional cost.

Add Ons:

Placenta Print – $10
Our placenta prints are created with no dyes or additives, so you can be sure you’re ingesting only placenta products and nothing potentially harmful. Using the natural blood on the placenta, we create a beautiful print on canvas for you to save as a keepsake.

Placenta Tincture – $50
A placenta tincture is created by taking a small piece of your placenta and steeping it in 100 proof alcohol for several weeks. Next, the placenta remnants are strained and discarded so only the liquid remains. Since only a small piece of placenta is needed to create a tincture, so you will still end up with roughly the same amount of capsules. The tincture is thought to provide the same benefits as capsules; however, it will remain shelf stable for much longer, so you may continue to reap the benefits for a very extended period of time. Many people choose to use the tincture to help ease PMS symptoms or even later in life during menopause.